Hampshire Franklin Children's Day Care Center

Hampshire Franklin Children's Day Care Center – Testimonials

September 2014: " My daughter and I absolutely love HFCDC! My little one will be graduating from infant to toddler officially tomorrow. She was the first infant there, and I feel lucky to have found this special place for her. She is thriving there, making real friends, is super happy, and so well cared for. It's only 3 miles to my parking spot at UMass where I work. I appreciate how full days are covered through to 5:30pm because I work from 9-5pm. It saves me an enormous amount of money to not get hit with additional fees for picking her up after work. The rates are low, yet the quality of care is outstanding. It feels like a secret little gem in the woods...."

- Amanda, via Facebook

August 2014: " A fantastic preschool! The program focuses on learning through play. The outdoor space is great for kids who love to be outside. Most important, the director and teachers really love their students."

- Mary, via Facebook

December2013: " Best place for the outsider kids, big playground and the teachers are so loving!"

- Kelly, via Facebook

August, 2012: "Dreading picking my daughter up on her last day of Preschool today...Her teachers already made me cry many times in the last 2 days. HFCDC has been a part of our daily lives for 3 years. My daughter wouldn't be where she is today without the consistency of these special people. They love my daughter, and apparently I have been someone special to them as well. They are the most wonderful, special people I've met in a long time! Love you guys!! See you soon! We are off to Kindergarten!! "

- Melissa, preschooler parent

"... Through HFCDC I believe I have seen the world.  I have cared for children from more places that I can name.  I have experienced more cultures than I could visit in a lifetime.  I have been touched by lives in ways I could not have imagined.  I have made life-long friends too numerous to count..." Read more

- Melissa, former teacher

"HFCDC has provided excellent care for my child, beyond what I expected from any daycare center. The teachers provide a comfortable, warm environment where my son feels very much at home. Every day he is offered the chance to have fun and learn through art work, singing, and playing. The children also learn to share toys and to play together. We are extremely happy that he has grown so much through his experience at daycare and that he loves it so much."

- David, toddler parent

"At least once a week our daughter will use word we have never heard her use before or start singing an unfamiliar song. We immediately know that she must have learned it at school."

- Ryan, preschooler parent

"A few thoughts about Hampshire Franklin Children's Day Care...

  • The teachers and assistants at HFCDC are excellent and create a wonderful nurturing and learning environment. My son has done really well here.
  • I love that there are children from different countries and that my son experiences various cultures every day.
  • My son has made many great friends at HFCDC. He talks about them constantly when he's not at daycare and he can't wait to see them again each day.
  • One of my son's favorite parts of the day is "circle time", when everyone gathers round and sit and sing together. He is always teaching me new songs that he's learned."
- Tracy, toddler parent

"Our boys are now both freshmen - one in college and one in high school. When they were preschoolers, my wife and I lived on opposite coasts for a time. The boys spent a fair amount of time with me in Amherst. HFCDC provided a quality environment for the boys while I worked. The teachers were great, the facility was great, and the environment was very supportive."

- Jim, preschooler parent

"My son had four wonderful years at Hampshire-Franklin. It is hard to overstate how important the Center was to our family. Not only do I feel that our son received an excellent foundation of early education (as evidenced by how well he is doing in elementary school now!), but I know he had exceptional care while there. The teachers are great and Rachael is a miracle worker keeping the place running. I enjoyed being on the Board too - it really made me feel connected to the Center and understand how a non-profit child care facility operates."

- Melissa, preschooler parent

"My experiences with HFCDC are invaluable to me. Having Rachael as a mentor helped me become a teacher with confidence and creativity, skills I continued to use as a teacher in other classrooms. When I began working for the Maryland Department of Education, I continued to draw from my experiences at HFCDC. HFCDC is a center I would be proud to have my own children attend if we still lived in Western Massachusetts.."

- Jenni, former Toddler Teacher

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